Friday, September 17, 2010

What a week! Last thursday when i left work I could've sworn i was working 2-10 on tues and wed, well, tues morning came and i got a phone call from work asking where i was, i said home(obviously if i answered the phone), they said i was supposed to be at work for 10am, it was now 10:06,... I made it there at 10:35. I think i did pretty good, seeing that i wasnt ready at all and Fred had taken my car which meant i had to drive his truck... then wednesday night i had 4dollars in canadian in my pocket that i had cleaned off my coffee table. I cashed it in along with a 5 dollar bill from a patron. Turns out i put the whole 9 dollars into my cash tray instead of giving myself back my 4 dollars aaargh!!!! Oh well, i guess the turnpike can use the extra, but that will also make my account off!!! Thankfully last night went much better! We will see what tonight brings.
I am going to go play on Sunday with Bandit at another versatility challenge in Saco. Should be fun to see what they come up with for challenges. Must go clean stalls now and then to lunch with Pete and Deb, Peter is making fish chowder, yummy!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ugh! That's happened to me many times. I often forget what day it is even. A couple weeks ago I showed up to meet some friends on Wednesday for bowling and noone was there. I checked my cell phone for the date.....gah! It was Thursday!
How did THAT happen??!


When you say 'challenges', are you talking about obstacles, too? Or is the Versatility something altogether different?