Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bad Boy Bandit

While I was working today, Fred had to bring the horses in around 5:15. He went outside and saw Bandit out behind the barn, not where he is supposed to be :(, thankfully he heads that way and not up the driveway up to the road. Of course Fred has cookies in his pocket and Mr. Bandit knows that so Fred was able to catch him without too much difficulty. I checked the fence tonight and the bottom strand was down in one spot and I could see hoofprints in the snow on the other side of the fence. I dont know how he made it thru without pulling the fence off the poles but he did. Tomorrow I will have to double check the rest of the fence before heading to work. Snow on the way....

Bandit wearing his new leather halter that we won for being a fan of the month for Kentucky Performance Products. They are a great company .

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bandit trying to take a nap against Bud in the sunshine in December.

These snowshoes are over 30 yrs old, my mom gave them to me when i was a teenager, thats all I will tell ya. I use them about once every two years. This was the year. The snow is so deep and crusty I didnt feel like trying to walk on top of it and take a chance of sinking up over my knees, so I dug the snowshoes out. Definitely need some neatsfoot oil on the straps, but I managed to get the ball without even falling down, although I did come close a couple of times.... The last few winters we didnt really have the need for them, but this year is good. Maybe I should do it again, and keep my legs in shape..hahaha... I make myself laugh!

After all the wind the ball somehow blew out from under the barn and down into the woods. I had to put my snowshoes on and go get it.