Monday, August 31, 2009

Went to bring the horses in tonight, Sarah J was first at the gate, Bud came running up, Sarah J pinned her ears and Bud stopped way in back of her, so i guess she has won the battle?? But of course the minute they were in their stalls they started to "play" face again, lunging at each other.....hopefully there will be peace in the barn soon.....
Gorgeous weather today, tank top and jeans, good weather for being outside, got a little sunburn on my shoulders and back of neck, can feel the heat in it tonight.

Fred telling Bud not to worry, "Its a female thing!" We have to live with 2 Sara(h) J's. Deal with it.

Sorry, my posts should be moved around, anyways, Bud did not like Sarah J being near the minis, they are his buddies. He was trying to keep Sarah J away from them once we put them together. Needless to say we separated them again until this morning. Things went much better, only one kicking episode, I think Sarah J is going to be the dominant one. Bud got his feet trimmed today and Sarah stayed in the pasture without him ,thank the Lord for that one, prayers have been answered. When we came down the driveway this afternoon, they were both hanging out under the apple tree in the shade, so that is a good sign.

until we put them together, kicking, biting, squealing, running, protecting,.. battle scars

Fred taking a siesta, Sarah J spotting and "greeting" Bud in the pasture next to her, that went well....

Sarah J hanging out in the woods, getting to know the Minis, think she likes them

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Went to the barn around 8:30 to grain and feed the horses. Went to put grain in Buds corner feeder and looked to find it broken. He must have body slammed it while going at Sarah J. Bad boy!!! Fred had to get tools to take it out. I'm really worried about when we put them together in field. I hope noone gets hurt too badly. Keep fingers crossed and pray!!!
Heavy rain today and wind. Horses are in and dry. Bud and Sarah are still playing "face" to see who can get who first. Changed the oil in my truck today, it has been too long between changes, oh well.. still runs. Pretty lazy day today otherwise. Gotta go clean stalls....

Friday, August 28, 2009

Well today went very well. Still kept them separate because we went to Acton Fair. When we drove down the driveway, we couldnt see Sarah J anywhere, but looking deeper into the woods under the apple tree we found her just standing there in the shade, I'm sure she found a few apples too. Our neighbors little girl was outside this morning whinnying to them and they actually answered her back which made her laugh. Brought them in tonight and things went much better than last night, although tonight Sarah seemed to be the more aggressive and squealing , but nowheres near as bad as last night.
Depending on the weather tomorrow if they go out or not, I think I am going to put Sarah in the same pasture as the minis round pen area to let her get used to them and keep Bud separate. Then Sunday I will put Bud and Sarah in side by side pastures and Monday will put them together. Going to be a full weekend of horses.... love it!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting to know you....

Well, smelling noses turned more into biting faces, Bud was not a happy boy, thot there would be some bloody noses or faces, but just went back down and checked on them and they are both still in one piece. Yay!

When I brought Sarah J in to groom her, she was a little upset that she was in there by herself, but after a few minutes she settled down and I found her itchy spot under her belly which she liked. Lets keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Fred saying please back up Sarah, Bud saying HMMM.. the new horse or hay? Hay wins.

Well, there was some whinnying and looking but nothing like what I thought it would be. Sarah J. seems to be doing okay with her new pasture/home. She has been doing more whinnying than Bud but everything seems to be going well. We'll see how tonight goes when they can smell noses next to each others stall. Tomorrow I will move her one pasture closer but still separate from Bud.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day that we bring Sarah J. home. I hope she stays inside the fence. I will try to get pictures as she settles in and reactions of Bud as he sees her. Should be fun to watch.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Enough already! turn off the heat and humidity! I was going to take Bud to a gymkhana this afternoon, but when i went out at 1 pm it was too hot for me and checked the horses, Bud was wet with sweat, put them in and put fans on them. My theory is if its too hot for me its too hot for the horses....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Took Wednesday off from work, drank so much water on Tuesday ended up with stomach ache. Woke up Wed morning with migraine, thats 2 in one week, cant wait for fall and cooler weather!
Stayed inside with AC on most of the day. Thursday we went to see Sarah J. to try and fit our draft rope halter, it was a little snug, she has a big head. We will be picking her up on next friday. It is my 4 day weekend so i will be around to see how she handles her new home and surroundings.
Working the overnights at work, got about 1 1/2 hours of sleep or rest before coming in to work. I hope i will stay awake to drive home. Drinking lots of Mt. Dew.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hot and humid again today with thunder showers in morning and afternoon. My friend Kristen came over and we played in the woodshop turning pens, it was much cooler in there than outside. We made some acrylic pens and I took the left over pieces and glued them together and this is the wild and wacky end result, my "special" pen.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Left work early yesterday, not feeling well, now i know why, woke up this morning at 1 am with a full blown migraine... took 2 advil, put cold facecloth on forehead and ice pack in back of head, feeling much better by noon time. Fred and I went to lunch/supper at the weathervane in Sanford. I have been wanting some fried clams with the whole big belly, they were delicious and plenty of them but expensive,... oh well i usually only order them about once a year so i guess it wont kill me... WAY TOO HOT AND HUMID today.... come on Fall !!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wicked busy at work today, came home took a cat nap, then rode Bud for 1/2 hour or so, cleaned stalls and now going to eat something for supper.... Beautiful weather, more humidity coming in on Monday, figures on my day off!! Oh well, ...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

AAAHHH! Beautiful weather at 5:30 this morning, no humidity, 60 degrees, perfect t-shirt and short weather for me anyway! So much better than the last few days!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Had a phone call from Linda on Sunday, it was so nice to hear her voice. We miss her very much! I think she is settling back into home life with no problem...
On last monday, Fred and I went to try Sarah J. out driving her in an arena. She went very well and I took her down the road with Vinny a man that has helped train her. She was pretty sweaty by the time we got done, the owners hosed her down and she just stood there like a good horse. She loaded well onto the trailer also...
Well, my window is fixed now, thank goodness since i am running the air conditioner due to this lovely humid weather!!!! NOT!! I have decided to try Sarah Jill at my home, we will see how things go. She first needs to have a coggins test done before i can bring her home. Another weird thing about this whole thing is her farrier has the same name as a guy that i used to work with.