Thursday, February 26, 2009

not much new going on except that i have been sick with the flu bug (going both ways) for 3 days. wow, what a good way to lose weight????NOT!!! I am feeling better now but still weak. back to work tomorrow. Linda took some pictures of our last snow storm but havent had a chance to load them into computer. Her Valentines ball is saturday night.... she is excited, she is going to the hair shop to have something done with her hair. I hope she has a good time.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well, after a full day of shoe shopping we finally found a pair at K- Mart, they were on sale for 5 dollars. Cant beat that!!! It is snowing heavy here tonight, there may not be school tomorrow if the weather keeps up. Linda has enjoyed her vacation but i think is looking forward to go back to school. Gotta go fill the wood stove, ......

Friday, February 20, 2009

Well we found a dress for Linda and it looks really nice on her. now we have to find her some black dress shoes to go with it. Got about 3 inches of snow last night more to come on Sunday.
Tonight Linda and I are going to a ladies night out for chocolate lovers at the old church that I grew up in. Should be fun. Gotta go....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fred supervising Linda while she is working on turning his bowl that he is making. Linda with shavings in her hair and face and all over her shirt. Linda turning a pen and once again getting covered in shavings but wiser by wearing safety glasses. The wood is called bloodwood, it came out beautiful. She does a great job. School vacation this week, going shopping tomorrow to look for a dress for Linda to go to the Valentines ball at school. A boy from her guitar class will be going with her. He is a brother to her friend Steph who played the goalie on the girls soccer team.

Linda in woodshop

Monday, February 9, 2009

Saturday was Lindas birthday. We went out to breakfast with our friend Russ at Strafford Farms restaurant, Linda and I went grocery shopping, came home put the groceries away and then took Linda to school for basketball youth league. I came home and loaded wood in cellar and cleaned stalls. Picked Linda and Jackie up at school, Linda had no idea Jackie was coming with us, she was quite surprised. In the following pictures we have Linda and Jackie waiting for our breadsticks and pizza to show up at Pizza Hut in NH. We went to Dover Bowl , Linda and Jackie are excited about bowling, Linda bowling, Jackie and Linda clowning around. We went to Strafford Farms for dessert, Linda and Jackie waiting patiently for the ice cream, Linda likes the mint ice cream, from there we went to the Newington Mall and browsed for a while. Took Jackie home, the girls are trying to show the necklace that Jackie gave to Linda. It is a split heart that says best friends, Linda has the half that says best and Jackie has the half that says friends. After dropping Jackie home, we stopped at store to get something to drink, I pointed out a birthday card on rack to Linda that had a horse with its mouth wide open. When we got home Linda had a card on the table from Russ, when she opened it up it was the exact same card we had just looked at in the store. We started laughing! I think she had a good birthday all in all.

Linda reading her new favorite book

Linda and Coach Moore, Linda on the floor, Linda scoring a foul shot!!!!! YAHOO!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here we are into February, not much new going on..... still cold, 8 below 0 this morning on my way to work. Only warmed up to 18 during the day. I have this weekend off! It is supposed to warm up into the high 30's---- heat wave!!! It is also Lindas birthday on Saturday, she will be 17 years young!!! Hard to believe she has been here almost 6 months, the time has just flown by. It has certainly been fun. She has her last basketball game on Friday. Saturday I am picking up a friend of hers from the team and taking them out for pizza and then who knows what we will come up with to do. I'm not sure if she will like American cake or not, I know she loves American chocolate ice cream and Subway sandwiches.
It's been too cold to do much outside so not many pictures being taken. I will take pictures at her last game. So long......