Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yesterday was way too HOT!!! It was 94 in Portland at the track meet. Thankfully a good breeze kicked in later on. Today is perfect for me , it is only about 60 right now, love it! Tomorrow I am taking Bud to the same place Linda and I went for the driving clinic. Hopefully he and I can learn together in a private lesson. Should be interesting, Bud has never been in an indoor arena that I know of and it has mirrors on the end walls. Wonder what he will think when he sees himself...... yee haw!

Linda and the girls waiting to run the 200meter race, Linda in the race

Linda doing the long jump at her track meet in Portland

Monday, April 20, 2009

who says horses can't smile... or maybe she is just having a nice dream

Ginger taking a break. Flat out sleeping. Having a good roll and managing to get up. Notice the white spot to the right of her, she is shedding her hair.

Bud taking a break, thinking about getting up, still thinking a littler farther along, finally he makes it!

Linda rode Ginger yesterday and i harnessed Bud and drove him from the ground. First time hes had the harness on since last fall. He did pretty good. of course i have no pictures to prove it but trust me if he was bad i would say so. Of course Ginger was excellent. Beautiful day yesterday. We also went to a farm in Buxton that the lady teaches driving. She didnt happen to be there, but we did have a chance to talk to 2 nice ladies that were hitching up their horses to work them in cart for a while. One lady could speak German so she and Linda talked for a while about horses and carriages in german. It was a good day. RAIN coming tonight into tomorrow and possibly thru wednesday. YUCK!!! I know we need it but not for 2 days worth.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Linda dreaming and wishing her legs were actually as long as they look

If the hoofprint of a moose is this big you would think the "poops" would be a lot bigger!

just some random pictures from my walk thru the woods out back of the house

A hardworking pileated woodpecker made this hole

Fred and Brian working on barn, Ginger napping, Ginger and Bud

Ducks in flight and swimming and searching for food

We did horse vaccinations for the year the other day. Poor Ginger, she absolutely does not like the vet. We have found the best way to drug her is to load her into our 3 horse slant load in the middle "stall", me on one side and the vet on the other. She doesnt like it but it is safest for all involved. Once drugged, I can still walk her off and into her stall where she gets a little more "happy juice" to keep her calm while we do her shots and teeth and strangles.
Bud our Belgian on the other hand had no drugs took all his shots and strangles and had his teeth floated with no "juice". Good boy Bud.
I need to get my butt in gear and start riding them. This week i am working 11:30 am to 7:30pm so that kind of ruins my riding time. oh well there is always this friday maybe.
Linda and I went to Easter sunrise service this morning at 5:45. The sun actually showed itself and looked like a ball of fire coming up over the trees. We then went to the church for breakfast, came home, fed horses and put them out, cleaned stalls, played some Wii games, took the orange bug out for a ride thru the woods. I went to work and Fred and Linda went to our friends house for Easter dinner.