Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If they could put a man on the moon YEARS ago, why cant they find a cure for cancer!!! I'm tired of losing family and friends to that horrible disease!
Wow, I guess its been a while, have played with the horses but just no pics. I saw a huge pileated woodpecker yesterday, the other day riding Bandit I saw 5 whitetails go up and running thru the woods, first time I've seen deer for a year or two.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Did Bandit take off Buds ear?? Nope! just kidding.

B & B playing ball, whose butt is the dirtiest?, Bud and his groomsman Peter

Bandit needs a bath and a shave.

Wish I was home with camera today, Fred says Bandit laid down in pond in pasture got up splashed around and laid down again. No wonder he looked so dirty when I drove down the driveway coming home from work today. Silly boy, he was probably trying to wash off his dirty belly that he gets so dirty in his stall.

WHAT was he thinking???

The other morning Fred and I were putting the horses out. I took Bandit and the hay, it was after the 4 inches of snow on April fools day. They had been kept in for the morning and were full of it and ready to go. Of course Bud was leading Fred and getting away with it, I turned Bandit loose with the hay and was walking back towards Fred and Bud and was going to offer to take Bud for him, but he turned him loose before he even got to the pasture. Bud trotted off and I thot he was going to take off around the trailer but he decided to go in pasture and get some hay. I cant believe Fred would pull a stunt like that, oh well it was his horse :)