Sunday, February 28, 2010

Played with Bud tonight using my cap gun with out the caps but it still makes a noise, I thot it would scare him but he wanted to smell it more than be worried about it. I walked all around him constantly "shooting" and he never moved, I even laid my arm across his back and shot and he just stood there, so my next object was a noodle like people use in their pool , amazingly that didnt bother him either, but let the neighbor walk around up the drive way and his head is up and looking....hmmm, he can be such a goober!

all american Bud, I was playing around with a slide show and paused it and i liked the picture so i took it , sorry about the flash

scenes from the last few days

Thursday, February 25, 2010

no snow so far but lots and lots of rain and wind, kept Bud in yesterday , boy did he want to go out today, brought him in early tho, went to get him in the pouring rain and just threw the lead rope around his neck and he and I trotted to the barn, he can be so good sometimes, we both stopped at the barn door and then slowly walked in, he was ready to be out of the rain and the "spooky" wind.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I harnessed Bud up the other day and just walked him up and down the driveway, even asked him for a little trot, he did good of course we didnt jog far, this fat old lady cant do that for long...took him in the pasture and made him go between some plastic pipe and then back down thru them, he did pretty good... after getting our exercise, fred shows up with cookies for bud, why couldnt he have showed up earlier so that i could have hooked bud to cart ??? oh well, have a great day!
got up, put Bud out with some hay, went to scarborough with fred for breakfast then to portland to Rocklers (woodworking supplies) back home took 2 hour nap ( Icant believe it ) woke up with massive headache, checked email , cleaned Buds stall, gave him some lunch, get ready for work til midnight, home by 12:45 and hopefully 6 hours of sleep and back at it .....cant wait for retirement..... 6 more years hopefully

Monday, February 8, 2010

Well, I finally rode Bud today until I couldnt feel my cheeks anymore. He did okay for not having been ridden in 3 weeks. He did a few jigs when he wanted to go one way and i wanted to go the other but we had a good ride anyway. It felt good to ride again! If the wind would stop it would be much nicer out there, but it is way better than sweating to death!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Woooo eeee!!! Bud was full of himself today, I think he had had enough of the blustery wind and was ready to come in. He was running and bucking, tossing his head and pacing at the gate. Hopefully I will get on him tomorrow....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wow, here it is February 6th already, not much new to write about. Havent done much riding due to work schedule and cold wind factoring in. At least for now the driveway is clear of any ice so can do some trotting hopefully this coming monday or tuesday. Fred and I went to the Gateway restaurant for breakfast this morning. From the time we sat down and the time we got our food was almost 45 minutes, seems a little ridiculous to me. The Belgian waffle with strawberries and cream was good, but worth the wait??? HMMM.....