Friday, August 19, 2011

More tests and exams for Fred

Well, maybe by the middle of next week they will do an angiogram of freds leg to check his areteries and veins. First they will do an EKG, then pressure cuffs on his legs to see how the blood flow is? Going to be a long process to get that toe healed I think.
Weather is getting hot and humid again, dont like it!!!

Bandit waiting for me to unload him so we could go for a nice trail ride with my friend Lori.

Monday, August 15, 2011

WOW! Its been almost a month of not writing here, hmmm.... what have I been doing?
Working, eating , sleeping, taking care of Freds toe, playing with the horses when the deer flies dont swarm us....
Work has been very busy, traffic galore! Today was a very busy Monday and a wierd one. It was so busy I made a deposit at my lunch break, when I cashed out at 4 at end of shift I made a deposit of the exact same amount as my first deposit.... that has never happened in the 26 years i have worked there. Have to work tomorrow then have two days off. Hope to ride on Wed afternoon, Thursday morning will be spent at Drs. with Fred. They may put stents in his veins near his ankles to get the blood flowing better to help the healing of his toe. Pouring rain out right now, need it for the grass tho.