Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tried teaching Sarah J to sidepass over a rail and to push her hips over without walking away. She is slowly catching on. Taking her Saturday to Piper Ridge Farm for a Versatility trail test. We'll see how it goes.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In the Bible Sarah means princess, well this morning Sarah j "the princess" was a witch with a capital B..... She pushed Bud off of every hay pile that he went to, he finally gave up and went up on the hill to eat grass. Ears pinned, swinging butts, but no contact or fighting.... Whew!

Monday, September 21, 2009

I think all the stars in Gods great universe are out tonight, what a beautiful sky! Walked Sarah down the driveway today, she sounded and looked like she was walking okay. Will continue with the meds the vet gave me and go from there. If all is well, on Saturday I hope to take her to Piper Ridge Farm for a timed trail test. Planning on having fun no matter how we do.
Sarah is walking pretty much back to normal today. She is catching on that there is medicine in her grain, eating around it or leaving some behind in the bin or hangs her head over the wall and lets it drop... but at least she is looking better. Also, she and Bud have been together now for 2 days and no fights! Yahoo!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What was so interesting to Sarah J and Bud? Aaaahah!

Grandmother and granddaughter having a chat.

AMERICAS most wanted, be on the lookout!

This awesome basket of flowers was made by my talented sister in law Elaine. The purple and yellow flowers are actually hand painted pine cones!

Putting the horses out yesterday I noticed that Sarah J was gimpy on her back left leg, called the vet and she came out and pulled a rock and a small piece of wood out of a flap on her frog. Gave her some bute and antibiotics last night and this morning, she seems much better today, so lets pray that things will continue to improve. Both Bud and she were full of it this morning, must be the cool fall air. Love it!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sarah J earned a treat today. It was the first time I got on her bareback and she behaved very well. A BIG THANKS goes to Debbie and Peter for all the help and support they gave me today and whenever I ask them. Ya gotta love friends like that. I also hooked the harness on Sarah today and just walked her up and down the driveway, a big dump truck came down by us and she was very good about it. Then the tailgate was being slammed a few times while we were walking back to the barn and she never flinched. She's a keeper!!! Hopefully next week we will try hooking to the cart.

Debbie, Peter and me having a ride on Sarah J

Wild Thing

The Wild Thing, who would think that I could be intimidated by a cat??? I have 2 draft horses that I respect but they dont intimidate me. Yesterday morning I was walking down the rock stairs and the wild thing was in front of me, all of a sudden he started hissing at me and "growling". He stopped and tried to swipe at me with his paw(claws)! I tried to take another step and his growling got louder! Bad Cat!!! He finally climbed up on to the rock pillar and as I walked down the steps he growled again! Fred said he did the same thing to him the other day.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Peter came over and helped with stalls, his reward for helping was a ride on Sarah J. She was very good. I got on to ride her so just for fun i got on from the right side and she stood good. I took her out back where she hasnt been and we just walked along. I also cantered her a few times up the driveway, she was very good. I really like her!!! I dismounted on the right and she never moved....