Tuesday, September 1, 2009

worked all day today, came home had a pb&j sandwich took a 20 minute nap, cleaned stalls, and saddled up Sarah J. Had to drop the cinch one hole from where it fits Bud, but had to raise the bit one hole to make it fit right. I didn't know how she would be with Bud still in the pasture, but we walked up and down the driveway right by him with no problem. Took some effort to get her to trot a little but we got it done. only rode for about 20 minutes, brought her back to barn, fred brought Bud in and as soon as i put her in her stall they were going at it again. Out in the pasture they are doing fine,......Hmmmm..... Have to be at work at 7 tomorrow morning so think i am going to go relax for a few minutes. Didnt get any pictures of me riding her for the first time here, but hopefully next time.

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