Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just another rainy day in Maine, Monday thru Thursday was beautiful weather and of course i was working, now that i am off for 4 days what does it do??? Oh well, got my haircut yesterday and went out to lunch with a friend today, came home and cleaned the water tub out side, now Bud has good clean water. Think it will be a good night to stay in and hibernate.

I went out to breakfast with Nicole and Noah, daughter and grandson of my friend that passed away last May. He is adorable!

Its that time of year again for shedding, this is all from Bud in one grooming session!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brought Bud in tonight and he was covered in mud! By the time i got done grooming, shedding, combing mane and tail and picking his feet and taking a tick off of him and filling his water bucket I had spent about 45 minutes at the barn. I'm glad the nights are a little warmer now to be able to do stuff like that. Loving this spring weather, work tomorrow then my 4 day weekend and what will the weather be :::: rain of course. oh well....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

In the Farm museum pictures you can see that I am actually driving a pair!!! If those people in the wagon only knew it was my first time doing it they probably wouldnt have wanted a ride :) The guy standing up in front by me owns and runs Belgian Meadows Farm in Lebanon Maine. We met him thru a friend of ours, not only does he use his horses but he also has a saw mill and a sugar shack to make maple syrup, got to taste some while it was warm YUM!

Scenes from the NH Farm Museum fun day

Bud ready for his lunch!

Tom Turkey strutting for his women.

This was taken 2 days after the rain stopped, so some had evaporated and I think Bud drank some. Still thats a lot of rain!

As you can see Bud does not have his brain on what i want him to do. About 15 mins later I was on the ground and he was back at the barn. Bad Boy!