Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Planned on riding Bandit after work, but got home, had to clean stalls, scrub and refill water tubs, bring horses in and then my friend Deb and I went to Strafford farms for dinner to celebrate our birthdays. Mine is this month and Debs is in November. Looking forward to going to Deerfield fair next week.
Kinda concerned about Bandit tonight, i noticed when i was filling water tub that Bandit was a little sweaty around his hips, I just figured it was from him running around in 82 degree weather in September! But... still tonight at 9 pm he was still sweaty and warm but he had already pooped twice, and had an appetite and his gums are nice and pink.... will check on him later...
Got a nice letter from Jung In today. She is back in school in WA and doesnt like the gloomy rainy weather. I miss her and Linda alot!

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