Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friday... Yahoo! Got up and put the horses out, had my usual muffin and choc milk. Friends ..Kristen and Scott came to visit, Kristen helped with finishing cleaning the stalls. Got my haircut, went out to lunch with K and S and Fred. Went and got grain for horses, fuel for my car, dessert for my body at Strafford Farms, grocery shopping and then home and put the groceries away, i hate that part of it. Played on computer, brought horses in, Fred got mad at me cause I got mad at him for always feeding the horses cookies while I am trying to halter the both of them and possibly being squished cause they both want to be at the gate with him and i kept backing them up. So, he says next time you bring them in by your self, I said fine if you want them to walk thru the fence then so be it. I also threw at him that if he was that concerned about how i handled them , I asked when the last time was that he groomed his horse?? No answer. Hmmm! So... needing therapy, I put Bandit on crossties, gave him a good grooming, brushed out his mane and tail, picked his feet which he is getting better at picking them up for me. Put him in his stall then brought Bud out and gave him the same treatment. Had to put some cowboy magic in his tail to get the snarls out... fed them their hay and went back to house. Cleaned kitchen, peeled potatoes, made beef stew in crockpot and went to sleep after midnight sometime.

Saturday, nice and cool this morning, loving this weather! Walked both horses together up driveway to another pasture. They behaved very well. Came back in and had my muffin and choc milk. YUM! Lazy morning, now i must get my butt in gear and get something accomplished!

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