Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rode Bandit yesterday, went much better than the first one. We rode out behind the barn and thru the back field, came out behind the house and he wasnt sure what to make of freds shop door being open , he had a little spook but we survived it and continued up the driveway. Asked him to trot, it is a lot quicker transition than what Ginger did but we did okay. Rode him thru the pasture with the barrels and he did fine there. Went back to the barn and he stands perfectly still for me to get off. NOW, if I could get him to stand perfectly still at the mounting block. It probably took me a half hour yesterday to be able to get on him because once you get him to the block and you go to get on, he swings his butt away from you.....bad boy!
He was excellent with the farrier also when she took off his rear shoes.
Today we are going to put Bud in the same pasture with him, will be taking some pictures and posting them later this week. Yeehaw! I hope they get along as well as they do side by side in their stalls....

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