Tuesday, May 18, 2010

going down hill with meet and greet

Not sure exactly what happened but next thing i knew there was squealing and going at it, then Big Bad Bud started chasing Bandit thru the woods into the pasture back into the woods, they must have done at least 4 laps and looked like Bud was trying to bite him. I dont know if it was the right thing or not but i went in and broke it up and haltered bud and then fred haltered bandit. I put Bud back in solitary confinement in separate pasture... We are going to try again on Friday.... I was afraid Bandit would run thru the fence or get hurt in the woods and with the river just out back I didnt want to take that chance of either one of them running wildly into the river. So.... lets hope it goes better Friday. Bandit did have a couple of teeth scrapes on his shoulder where Bud must have connected.. Have a nice day!

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