Monday, May 3, 2010

ok, its now May 3rd, where has the time gone??? Not much new is going on. I am still looking for a good trail horse, found a place in Vermont that has some nice looking ones and they are supposed to be real good on trails--go thru anything, etc... waiting to hear back from them thru email first before I drive for 4 hours to go look.
The black flies are horrible, had to cover Buds chest with SWAT yesterday they were eating him up! Now this morning i notice a bump around his front leg , i think it is from the bugs... bad things!
Today is my Friday! Yay! next two days off. Vet coming tomorrow for vaccinations for Bud, thankfully he is very good for that.
Not a whole lot going on here to write about..... have a great day!

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Maery Rose said...

I agree, what happened to April? My horses are having more trouble with gnats than black flies and nothing seems to stop the gnats except smearing on petroleum jelly that the little suckers get stuck in. Take that! My two had their shots on Saturday. I'm still suffering from sticker shock.