Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Got 131 bales of hay in today, glad we had some help I was sweatin'!!! Now it is raining so glad we got it in. My new dilemma is I have misplaced my glasses. I am restricted to wear them while driving..... fred is going to be my chauffeur until i find them. I've looked everywhere, car, truck, barn, house, tipped chairs over, even looked in refrig.... who knows.... guess i need to sit down and say a prayer about it. cant really afford new ones. Do have an old pair but they arent as good.
Brandys' new trick today was somehow she chewed the harness off , thankfully it was still around her chest where we hooked her up while we set up the conveyor for the hay. Bought her a new one at Tractor supply today. See how long this one lasts. We had her at the barn with us while cleaning stalls and of course she left the barn (and thats my fault) :( we called and called , Fred spotted her , said she turned and looked at him and took off! So out in the rain with my cold calling her to no avail, walking all along to the edge of the woods. Fred goes back to barn to get "bug" RTV to go thru trail in woods, I call some more and lo and behold Brandy comes running across field from back of house. How she got that way, only she knows. I think.
Time to relax and put my feet up and take cold medicine.... :)

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