Saturday, June 18, 2011

Brandy was doing pretty well off the leash after her third day here so we let her loose out with us. Then... one day she put her nose in the air and off she went.... I called, yelled, kissed, whistled chased after her thru the long grass and into the woods. When she finally let me catch her I looked down at my jeans and I could see all kinds of brown spots on my legs... TICKS!! I hate those things. Gave her a bath that afternoon to hopefully drown any that might have been on her. Throughout the day I kepts finding them on me... makes me itch all over.
My two days off were hot weather horses were sweating, so didnt ride. Now I have a nasty summer cold.. yay..NOT! Didnt have a cold all winter, whats up with that???
Took Brandy to the vet to get checked out, she has a kennel cough, got her on meds , she seems to be doing better. Take her back next week to get Lyme vaccination. Now if she will just come when called off leash, she would be a great dog.

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