Saturday, October 17, 2009

Whew, busy day today! Fed and put horses out, unloaded and reloaded dishwasher, made chopsuey, gathered up returnable bottles, packed up the horse trailer to take Sarah J to a fun show tomorrow. Put food and soda in fridge in horse trailer so Fred and I can have something to eat while waiting for different classes. Fred was nice and did stalls for me today, I guess that could be called my anniversary present. Looking forward to a fun day tomorrow.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Tomorrow is the 17th and it will be my 17th anniversary of wedded bliss??? :)
The Princess is being a Witch the last couple of days, last night they went at it, and this morning she was pinning her ears and moving Bud everywhere, there was some squealing and kicking going on so we have separated them to their own pastures for the day. Time out!

Monday, October 12, 2009

brave or stupid? she certainly was talented

loving the weather

I got to ride Bud tonight because Fred had actually done the stalls for me today, so it gave me time to ride after work. I snuck him out of the pasture before Sarah even knew he was gone, but I tacked him up outside where she could see him with no problem. Wish i could have had a video camera going, she was throwing her big tantrums, bucking, squealing, whinnying, running, pounding feet, BUT she stayed inside the fence! I just rode Bud up and down the driveway thru the cones, around the barrels in the other pasture, we did some trotting and cantering. I had a good time. Sarah actually went back to eating, I guess she figured we werent going anywhere too far away. I brought them both in together tonight, it went very well. They both behaved themselves.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Miracles do happen

When Fred and I went out tonight to bring in the horses, we actually saw Bud and Sarah J grooming each other very carefully... I think Sarah is in heat thats why she was so lovey . But at least they werent fighting. So thats a good thing.
Before I came into work last night I noticed a bump on my right shoulder blade that had been kind of itchy for a few days. I had Fred look at it and he pulled a small tick out but thot there was still something in there. So after I got off work at 6 this morning i went to the ER and they numbed it and took out the mouth of a tick, it looked infected so i am on antibiotics for 2 weeks. JOY Joy! At least it is all out now.
I think it was a beautiful weather day today, I tried to rest from 11 to 5 and did sleep some so that was good. So needless to say i didnt see much of the good weather. Hope to stay up some tomorrow and enjoy the day. I do not like working these overnight shifts, it messes me up!Oh well, it helps pay the bills, thankful i have a job. Have a great day!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Here it is October 10th already, wow time flies when you're sick with a cold.... :( Things are going much better between Sarah and Bud, she still pushes him off of each pile of hay with ears pinned but there hasnt been anymore battle scars...
Went to Fryeburg fair on thursday, it was okay, still like Deerfield fair better. Havent done much with the horses, havent had the energy with this hacking cough, cold. With the help of Peter and Debbie we did give them a good grooming the other night. They needed it. Had to put some Cowboy Magic in Buds tail, love that stuff, it works wonders. Why couldnt that have been around when i was young and hated having my mother try to comb my hair out!
Well, Peter and Debbie are on their way to Fla. will miss them very much but I know it is better for their health to be warm. Hope they have a safe and healthy winter, and hurry back in the spring.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Went to Deerfield fair today, had a good time eating lots of fair food. Although, I think this was the first year I didnt buy any fudge to bring home..... unbelievable! Back to reality tomorrow....have to get up at 4:30 am, joy joy....