Monday, October 12, 2009

loving the weather

I got to ride Bud tonight because Fred had actually done the stalls for me today, so it gave me time to ride after work. I snuck him out of the pasture before Sarah even knew he was gone, but I tacked him up outside where she could see him with no problem. Wish i could have had a video camera going, she was throwing her big tantrums, bucking, squealing, whinnying, running, pounding feet, BUT she stayed inside the fence! I just rode Bud up and down the driveway thru the cones, around the barrels in the other pasture, we did some trotting and cantering. I had a good time. Sarah actually went back to eating, I guess she figured we werent going anywhere too far away. I brought them both in together tonight, it went very well. They both behaved themselves.

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