Sunday, May 31, 2009

I did Buds tail, Linda did his mane, can you tell who has done this before????

Update on Ginger

Basically I guess she is pre Cushings, also hypothyroidism... have to put her drugs in grain, and of course she figures it out and refuses to eat it.... Hmmm... if i could get her to accept the dewormer type tube it would make life a lot easier.... she is having a very difficult time walking....

Linda is going to a Standardbred show tomorrow, she will be driving in it . The horse belongs to a woman we met at the first driving clinic. She is excited about it. Above are some pictures of her driving the horse last weekend...

trying out photoshop .... interesting

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The vet came today and we did xrays, it doesnt seem that Gingers coffin bone has rotated any more, so she got a good shot of banamine in her vein. We'll see how that goes, I've got to try to keep her off any grass and get her to lose some weight which is going to be difficult because she can hardly walk. Its a wait and see i guess....

Linda and I harnessed Bud and drove him with the cart tonight, he behaved pretty good. He is a little antsy when we ask him to stop somewhere besides in front of the barn, we need to work on that.
We are having some friends over tomorrow for a cookout, then in the afternoon Linda and I are meeting a girl at the equestrian park in hollis and she is going to let linda drive her horse i think and learn a little bit about the german way of driving. Then on Tuesday afternoon we are taking Bud for another driving lesson.
Well, Ginger doesnt seem to be getting any better. She is still pretty lame, walking very tenderly. I will probably have to do X-rays on her feet to see what the damage is , if her coffin bone has rotated more. It may have to come to the ultimate decision of having her put down so she wont have to be in such pain standing on her feet. Keep praying .....

Linda and I harnessed up Bud last night, she did some ground work with him then we hooked to the cart and drove up and down the driveway and thru the lawn, pastures. He did pretty good, he spooked at our neighbors kids jumping on the trampoline and yelling but over all he did good. We gave our friend Peter a ride in the cart with Linda while I took pictures, which I will post later.
Taking Linda to our Memorial day parade on monday morning, then having a cook out with friends. Possibly play with Bud in the afternoon.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

6 am this morning went to the barn to put the horses out and Ginger didnt want to walk. When she did step it was like she was drunk and being very careful placing her feet. Soooo..... called out sick to work, called the vet, she came over gave Ginger some bute(pain med) by needle which I had to load Ginger into the trailer in order to get that done. As "ouchy" as she was on her feet when the vet came near her she nearly ran me over trying to get away. I dont know what happened in her past life before coming to me but she DOES NOT like vets. Any way, she is walking much better this afternoon, have to give her some more bute tonight with her grain, hopefully she will eat it. The vet drew blood to test her insulin and to test for Cushings disease. I think the trail ride we had planned for end of month is out. I may have to have her feet xrayed to see if her coffin bone has rotated more or if she has laminitis..... if so, her trail ride days may be over.....say a prayer for her.....
Linda went to school today and then there is a small track practice and then a cook out at one of the girls house, have to go pick her up around 7. Gotta go clean stalls now, it was too stinking hot to do it during the day today. It reached 93 here......way too hot for me.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

For the pictures below..... wire statue at barn we went to, Linda showing Pam(yellow jacket) and Robyn(purple jacket) how to hold reins for German driving like she does, Linda and Robyn preparing horses to drive, Linda driving the Standardbreds with Robyn, Linda driving a pair of dapple gray Percherons for friends of ours. Linda was in her glory.

Linda and her enjoyment for the weekend

The trail ride went really well, we rode for about 3 hours. Linda and I were a little sore the next day, obviously we need to do more riding. I think Ginger has become a little lame from the ride or a combination of that and too much green grass. She acts like her feet are tender. The farrier comes on Tuesday so I will ask her for her opinion. I dont feel any heat in Gingers legs or feet so I'm hoping she will come out of it by the 31st cause we are supposed to go for another ride at Maudsley State Park in Mass.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This is Beth and me, my good friend, I will miss her!

Moment of silence..... I lost a good friend last night. I went to visit her yesterday and I am so glad I did. She recognized me, knew my name, I visited for over an hour then had to go to work. Had 2 phone calls this morning while i was out saying that she had passed away. I'm glad I got a chance to see her and tell her that i loved her and how thankful i was for our friendship. She was the same age as me. Life is so short , we need to live life to its fullest while we can. So to all my friends that read this blog, know that you are loved by me and I appreciate your friendship whether you are far away or near. Love to you all......

Monday, May 11, 2009

Yesterday was Mothers day, the 3 of us went out for breakfast, Linda cleaned stalls for me- good girl! Linda and I went to church together, came home had lunch. We decided to harness Bud and drive him for a while. Linda and I did the work , Fred "supervised". Must be a male thing! We drove for over 40 minutes, I let Linda do most of the driving while I sat back and relaxed. It was a good day, then reality set in and I had to go to work for 3-11pm. Woke up this morning at 5:30, fed the horses and put them out, cleaned stalls, took Linda to school, went to Dover, fueled up my truck, went grocery shopping, bought oil for my truck,(needs to be changed). Came home put groceries away, walked the dog, checked my email, going to go visit a friend, then off to work for 2-10. It is a gorgeous day out there for me anyway, it is about 58 degrees. Linda thot it was cold out this morning. I could live with 65-70 all year --no hotter!!! Off I go.......