Thursday, November 5, 2009

A miracle happened today. I got Fred on Bud. I want Bud to get used to being led with someone on him and listening to me on the end of the lead rope. This was the second time Fred has been on him since we bought him. I'm hoping it will happen again, but won't hold my breath, especially with cold weather coming. Fred was cold today. After leading Bud and Fred up and down the driveway, I got on to ride. I took Bud thru all the pastures , weaved thru the cones, around the barrels, trotted and cantered up the driveway, then I rode behind the house out to the future pasture behind the barn. Bud behaved very well. I have still yet to venture out to where he threw me off last year, but we will get there eventually. Since there are no other horses here now for him to worry about being with, I'm hoping I will be able to ride him out there with him listening to me.
Sarah J was taken to the equine hospital in Rochester today, Fred and i went up to see what the diagnosis is, turns out she has an abcess in her left foot, they got it to drain some today and hope to do more to it tomorrow and to see if there is still anything in the foot that may have caused the abcess to begin with. When I came home to bring Bud in, he was smelling my jacket all over, I think he recognised her smell on me.

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