Thursday, December 6, 2012

WOWSA!! Here we are in December and the last time I wrote was the end of October.... so whats new at this place?   Life is always interesting and full of surprises.....   Part of November Fred  was complaining about shortness of breath.  Of course, he had been having this for about 3 weeks before he decided to tell me. So around the 18th of November  he woke me up (working my overnights and trying to sleep) and said I  needed to bring the horses in. He didnt have enough breath to walk from barn to pasture and get them and bring them back to barn..  So next day I called doctor. they took us in that afternoon.  they sent us to the ER at York hospital, from there they admitted him to hospital. next morning they did the balloon thing to check his heart... that afternoon they shipped him by ambulance to Portsmouth, NH hospital for open heart surgery.  He had 3 arteries that were 90% blocked and his mitral valve was leaking backwards.  They said he had a silent heart attack, having diabetes it covers the pain sometimes.  Basically he was a walking time bomb. So we spent thanksgiving week in hospital  giving thanks that he made it through the operation.. God was certainly watching over him.   So now we are on the slow road to recovery.... horses have been kind of neglected, they are getting fat and wooly for the winter.     I  finally got to ride Bandit the other night, first time in  a month I think.  He was a good boy, went out thru the woods, did some loping and he behaved like I had ridden him everyday.    So have been busy with dr appointments, therapists, visiting nurses and splitting and stacking wood.  Cellar is full and ready for winter... Yahoo!   Picked up 50 bags of shavings today and unloaded them, wanted to get a ride in today but it just didnt happen... oh well, I am beat. Will be glad when Fred can get back to driving himself places which wont be for another 2-3 weeks.... Joy JOY!!
  Otherwise than that, all is well...  :)


Ian Holland said...

Missed your posts, but happy that everything is working out OK!

KarenTX said...

So glad he's doing okay. That's exactly what heppened to my dad, he ended up with a triple bypass many years ago. Wishing you a wonderful and healthy Merry Christmas!