Sunday, June 10, 2012

Friday Alyssa came over  and we had a good ride on Bud and Bandit. Bud behaved well and when we cantered Alyssa and Bandit had to pretty much gallop to catch us. Alyssa was smiling the whole way.  Saturday (no pics) I took Bandit to friends house and we did some ground work and then rode thru some trails and roads. We got to see geese, miniature horse, big horse, noisy dog, lawn mowers, bicycles and cars. Bandit handled it all pretty well, I was very pleased with him, oh yeah, goats and donkeys at my friends house too.   Sunday I had my neighbor Carol and Skip Kezar and their grandchildren come over for a ride in the cart with Bud.   All in all a great weekend!!!!.... got to go to church too!!!  even better. Lets see what Monday brings for horse fun.  Then it will be back to work... UGH!!!

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