Sunday, July 24, 2011

Well, they didnt do angioplasty, just ultrasounds of his arteries in both legs. He starts with the hyperbaric chamber in the morning. I dont think he is going to like going there 5 days in a row for 4 or more weeks, but we shall see....
Yahoo!!! A cooler day today only in the 80s, so much better than 100 and humidity.
Hoping to ride tomorrow night after I get home from work if mosquitoes arent too bad. Horses need some work outs but it has been way too hot. Come on Fall weather!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trying to give Brandy a little freedom off the leash because she doesnt always come when we call her back to us. Didnt work so well, she grabbed the tennis ball once and dropped it and off she went , we could hear her barking out in the woods, walked out there calling her, she comes running back with porcupine quills hanging out of her nose and chin..... bad dog!! Ended up taking her to the vet , they sedated her and took them out, she was a little drunk on morphine for a few hours... around midnight she must have been feeling better and not hungover, she was wide awake... :(
Fairly cool this morning, got the horses out early, 95 this afternoon with humidity was way too hot~~~ Peter and Fred worked on mower blades they are nice and sharp now. Peter mowed a pasture this morning while it was somewhat cool, Deb and I did stalls, and that was it. We all went to dinner tonight for Freds birthday.
Brought horses in, put fans on them ... they like that.
Way too hot the next coming week, I dont like it!!!!! Yesterday while at work I got a tingling sensation all over and light headed and it was like I could hear the blood rushing in my ears... a little scary.. and i had just finished lunch... thot i was going to keel over... wish i had enough time to take summer off and not have to melt in the booth... oh well, need to be able to pay bills and put food on table...
Taking Fred to drs. tomorrow afternoon, and Friday morning for possible angioplasty in arteries near ankle to help blood flow better to his foot to help his toe heal . and Life goes on at Perkins Paradise.....:)

Monday, July 11, 2011

TOO STINKING HOT!!!!!! My hard candy chocolate nips were melting in my tray, how hot is that??? TOO STINKING HOT......that how hot! Bring on the snow!

Friday, July 8, 2011

July 8th already!!

Not much going on to blog about,
1. Brandy still takes off running even with being zapped, but she does come back eventually.
2. Haying is done for the season and all in the barn.
3.Bandit is dirty as ever!!!
4. Taking Bandit to versatility challenge on Saturday, should be a fun day.
5. Hoping to give him a bath and "hoping " he will stay clean for tomorrow. Ha ha ha....
6. Fred has a diabetic ulcer on his middle toe!! Trips to wound care in Wells are helping along with antibiotic pills (when he takes them). Have to change the bandage every night, YUCKY!
7. If pills dont help heal it he may end up going to into hyperbaric chamber for 5 days in a row at 2 hours a day.
8. If that doesn't help the blood flow better, then he may eventually have to lose his toe so it wont infect the bone.
9. If he does lose toe, the middle toe is best one to lose according to doctors, the rest of the toes will balance him.
10. So, off to get trailer ready for tomorrow. then off to work til 10pm.
11. I guess there was some stuff to post ..... :)