Friday, May 27, 2011

Had Bud all tacked up on Tuesday, then realized my sneakers were too wide for the stirrups. So being too lazy to go get riding boots, decided to ride in my socks. It went okay until I was done riding and wanted to get off, its a long way down, didnt want to land on ground in just my stocking feet. So.... tried to make him stand by mounting block that i use to get on him. He stood okay but I wasnt sure if my right foot was going to reach it, I didnt want to fall between that and him, so I tried to get back up into saddle, somehow, still not sure how, but my left rib cage landed on horn of saddle, felt something shift in my ribs. OUCH!!!! Had to go get Fred to help me get off. Hurts when i cough, bend over, try to get out of my chair, etc.... Dont know if its cracked or just badly bruised. Dont want to do that again. Riding boots are now at the barn.... lesson learned.

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