Friday, November 26, 2010

Well, Thanksgiving is over and I am sick of eating turkey already! Jung In arrived with only a half hour delay on Monday. Chicago had severe thunderstorms that slowed the flight down. It has been a fun week having her back here. We had dinner on Wed. cause i had to work on Thursday. She helped me peel potatoes. Tuesday made 2 pumpkin pies and one apple pie. By tuesday night on pumpkin was gone, I guess I did okay with it , Fred and she liked it. Working tonight then have Sat. off, hopefully the weather will be nice enough to walk on the beach. Then sadly she leaves bright and early Sunday morning like at 6 am out of Portland. Rise and shine!!
Jung In played in the wood shop with Freds supervision yesterday and made a giraffe puzzle. I brought in 2 loads of wood and now my back is paying for it... oh well, nice and toasty last night.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Really not much to post about, enjoying the full moon at night, gives me plenty of light to walk to the barn without a flashlight. Would love to try a moonlight ride some night, maybe this summer. One more evening of work then i am off for 3 days. Jung In arrives Monday morning, cant wait to see her. Hope we have good weather while she is here.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Working days this week, by the time i get home it is almost dark, just enough light to grab the horses and bring them in. Bandit is such a dirty horse! Groomed him last night and this morning you would never know it! Oh well. Today was a wierd weather day, rain this morning, sunshine later, around 1:00 the sky got dark and it POURED!!! then about half an hour later there was a rainbow in the sky! ya just never know in Maine what the weather will be.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Aaaah, bribed "manuel labor" with Dunkin Donuts coffee and muffins and got the pasture behind the barn all bushwhacked along the fence line and fence is all run, ready for the horses to go out there this winter, just need to put a charger on it. Hopefully the deer wont try to go thru it. Back to work tomorrow.... :(
Rode Bud late this afternoon. He behaved pretty good and seemed to listen . Wish I had someone to take pics of Bandit while I am riding Bud. Man, he can fly and buck and do sliding stops at the gate! He is such a goober! One more day off then back to work,yuck!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thanks Peter for the pictures! What a good boy he was!

Woohoo! Played with Bandit tonight with pulling a sled behind him to get him prepared for some skijoring this winter. Thanks go to Peter and Debbie for helping me out and being my guinea pigs to test Bandit. He did very good, had on his new breast collar to help with the pull on the saddle. He handled everything with good manners.