Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Buds big feet, Debbie helping me fill water tub while Bud drinks it as fast as it is coming in!

Since the first try at putting them together didnt go so well, today I thought I would try it with a fence in between. It went way better than I expected. When I brought them in tonight, I haltered Bud, left him at the gate, haltered Bandit, led him out so I could let Bud out and grab his lead rope and then I walked them both together down to the barn. It went really well! I was surprised Fred didnt say something about me doing that as he stood in front of the barn and watched. I handed Bud off to him and then we put them in their stalls. And a good night was had by all!

Bandit, Bud and Bandit greeting each other thru the fence. It went better than I thought!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yesterday when i put up the cones to practice I didnt have enough so i used waste baskets, buckets, etc. Bandit went up and put his nose right in the wastebasket checking it out. This morning when I brought Bud up by them he stopped , snorted, sidestepped.... my oh my there was something new in the driveway... big brave horse. :) What a difference between the two reactions. I was too hot, too tired and too hungry to ride today plus had to clean stalls....:( I wonder what Fred did all day???

Mr. Bandit chowing down.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

worked all day today, came home and drained and cleaned big water tub, set up cones in driveway for practicing for gymkhana on saturday. Debbie rode Bandit tonight, he was a good boy for her. She is getting much better at relaxing at the trot. Good job Deb! Groomed him, groomed Bud, fed them and then we went out to supper with peter and debbie. A good night all around, back to work tomorrow. Why couldnt I have been rich and be able to spend more time with my horse?? oh well, maybe in another 5 more years... :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Rode Bandit this morning, walk, trot, loped, my back hasnt bothered me so I think i will be good to go for the gymkhana on Saturday. Fred says he saw Bandit with his foot inside the water tub, thankfully he didnt tip it over and managed to get his foot out. Well, need to get to bed, back to work at 8 am... :( Hopefully ride tomorrow night after work.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Too stinking hot to do anything outside. Cleaned stalls, filled water tubs and that was enough for me. Brought the horses in around noon, big thunder storm in the sky! They are now back out and need to reclean stalls, yay! NOT! Back is bothering me a little today and not feeling all that great, I am hoping to ride Bandit tomorrow morning, we'll see how that goes. I need to get riding him so we will be ready for the gymkhana on Saturday.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Well, Bandit had another great test today and did excellent. A woman with a child that was born with cerebral atrophy came over today with a friend of mine. The little boy age wise is 12, body size wise maybe a 1 year old, but like a 6 month old. Bandit walked right up to the stroller and started licking the little boys arm and sniffing his legs. Shannon got on and held the boy in her arms and with Peter and Debbies help as sidewalkers we led Bandit around in a circle and with each lap the boy started to relax more rather than being stiff. His mother was so happy! So, once again God has blessed me with a good horse to put smiles on faces!!! Thank you Bandit!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Well, I didnt get any pics but I took Bandit for a walk down the sidewalk to see how he would handle traffic. Didnt phase him a bit. A motorcycle went by and we just kept on walking. Stopped and visited a neighbor across the street on our way back. We walked up thru the school yard where a ball game was just finishing. He looked a little bit but didnt really react. Then some kids came up and wanted to pet him so he stood there like a good boy. One mother brought her daughter over and said is this the line for petting? I bet there were at least 8 kids and 4 mothers all standing there touching him and talking to the kids about him. Bandit just stood perfectly still like it was an everyday occurrence. He is definitely a keeper!!! Taking him to another gymkhana on the 26, Yeehaw!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The collage below has a mother / daughter on Bandit, also father,mother, daughter, granddaughter, and of course me . Bandit is working out really well for what I want to do.
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Peter riding Bandit

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rain, Rain go away, big Sara wants to play! enough of the rain and thundershowers! Although I should be happy we didnt get the tornadoes they were warning about.
Farrier comes tomorrow to do horses, hopefully Bandit will be good and pick up his feet like he is supposed to. I wasnt sure if he was a bit colicky today, but this evening he seems fine... phew! Probably all the weather changes we have had in the last week.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Took 2 ticks off of Bandit, 1 off of Bud, 1 off of Wild thing and Fred had one on his leg!!!! There has to be a way to get rid of those nasty things! Our neighbor had her yard organically sprayed, so maybe all the ticks have come to our property!! AArrgh!!!!

Noah is now 1. This past year has flown by, hard to believe Noahs grammy Beth has been gone a year! Noah and Dad, Noah and Uncle Joe and cousin Rachel