Thursday, June 17, 2010

Well, I didnt get any pics but I took Bandit for a walk down the sidewalk to see how he would handle traffic. Didnt phase him a bit. A motorcycle went by and we just kept on walking. Stopped and visited a neighbor across the street on our way back. We walked up thru the school yard where a ball game was just finishing. He looked a little bit but didnt really react. Then some kids came up and wanted to pet him so he stood there like a good boy. One mother brought her daughter over and said is this the line for petting? I bet there were at least 8 kids and 4 mothers all standing there touching him and talking to the kids about him. Bandit just stood perfectly still like it was an everyday occurrence. He is definitely a keeper!!! Taking him to another gymkhana on the 26, Yeehaw!

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