Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today began with my back bothering me some more, then on to the barn... gave Bandit his meds and some hay gave Bud hay too.. around 9:30 Bandit was pounding his door so I figured stall rest just wasnt going to work for him. Debbie came over and helped me with the 20 minute cold hosing of his leg, scrubbing and filling water buckets and cleaning stalls... thanks Deb! Then I went to Lebanon and picked up 20 bags of shavings, brought them home and unloaded and stacked them in barn. Rearranged tack room a little, then dropped down 15 bales of hay and stacked them. Then just sat and relaxed for a while. Brought Bandit in around 7:30 and he seemed to be walking just fine, gave him more meds and cleaned his leg with Betadine, he behaved very well. Went to the barn later and put salve/ointment on his cut which is in pic below. Off to work tomorrow. :(

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