Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wow! Finally done haying! So glad we got it done before the real hot humid weather gets here! Thanks to our good friends Peter, Debbie, Bruce and other kids that help Tom (our hay guy) we are done for the year! Now time to play with the horses if the deer flies dont attack us!
My lovely sister in law has been cleaning my house for me and Fred, it is so nice of her, i definitely am not a good housekeeper... horsekeeper yes, but housework???? Just not in me! I can remember when i was young when it was time to do the dishes or whatever I would go outside and find something that needed to be done, so much more fun!
Happy 4th of July to everyone! Thank a soldier for giving us the freedom to celebrate Independence Day!

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BUSH BABE said...

Happy July 4 to you!! Hope it's not too hot - and that attitude towards housework is something I SOOOO identify with. So many better things to do in life (things that don't get 'undone' so fast!).
PS Can you do me a favour and update your blog list? My new blog is - old one is about to go kaput!Thanks!