Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No pictures cause my hands were busy. I am trying to work with Bud to get him used to having noise dragging behind him. He pulls the cart with no problem , but if something is dragging behind him he gets nervous. I use a plastic yellow sled with baling twine tied to it and just try to walk Bud and drag the sled with me. The other day we put the saddle on and tied a rope to the saddle and fred held on to the rope while kneeling in the sled.... I really wish I had a shot of that. I was hoping to take Bud to a skijoring clinic this weekend but it is already full, so I am going to go audit it and maybe pick up a few pointers on how to accomplish my goal. I want to eventually get a wooden sleigh to hook onto Bud to use in the winter months. Oh well, forward and onward, hope to get some riding in this weekend...
P.S. I am a great aunt ! My niece had a baby boy... Liam Douglass Mills. They live in Florida so I probably wont see him for awhile....:(

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