Friday, December 11, 2009

Wicked windy here the last few days, flags are blowing straight out. Bud is spooking all over the place, i guess he doesnt like the wind...?? It was only 21 degrees this morning, plus the wind chill... i dont really want to know how cold it least the sun is out today tho.
Went out to dinner with Freds sister and her husband, had a good time, the chopsuey i ordered was a little too spicy for me, drank some milk when i got home.
Have the wood stove cranking today! Love wood heat.

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Rebekah said...

The Arabian I learned to ride on was terribly wind-spooky. It was bad enough that the wind kept blowing bushes, and bags, and stuff...and then the wind would blow with some force and hit his hindquarters and just like that he'd be across the roundpen, with me wondering how on earth we got from there to here. :)

Surely wish I had a woodstove...that sounds awesome. ;)