Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yesterday was 10 years since my moms passing. To this day I sometimes reach for the phone to call her about something. I miss her so much.
Not much to blog about, Bandit got out again today, walked the whole fence line and cant see how he does it. Put a lead rope around his neck and nose and put him back in and he stayed in pasture the rest of the day. Hmmm.... how does he manage it?
Snow storm supposedly coming in tomorrow, wait and see i guess.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Indoor arena, mirrors??

Took Bandit to an indoor arena last Thursday, he did very good. Only the second time I have ridden him indoors. There were mirrors on the wall and one of the ladies riding thot he might be nervous around them, hahaha..... he went by them with no problem, next trip around he put his nose on the mirror checking himself out.. He is such a goober. There were about 5 other horses in the arena with us and he behaved like a gentleman. First time I have really ridden him with other horses around him and up close.
Sooo..... tuesday morning as i was walking him and Bud out to pasture, I noticed Bandit was limping a little. The farrier came wednesday for regular trimming and she pressure tested his front feet with draft size testers and got no reaction. I gave him some Bute last night and this morning , he seems to be walking better this afternoon. I think he either maybe rolled on hard frozen chunk of dirt or ice or he and Bud got a little too rough "playing" . This is my weekend off so I was hoping to do some riding, will see how he walks out tomorrow.