Thursday, March 17, 2011

horse therapy

Peter got his horse therapy today with Bud by ground driving him up and down the driveway, I got to ride Bandit... yahoo. He acted up a little bit when I made him go opposite way of Buds direction, but we managed to have a good ride. Great weather today... 57 degrees in March, loving it!

I love these posters I ordered from Dusty Perin, she took them here at home.

Huge moon, looked like the man in the moon was smiling from my eyeball view, camera view doesnt really show it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wow! 50 degrees today, loving it! Now will come the mud season!
At work today I had at least 3 people try to pay me with "plastic". I cant believe the number of people that travel with no cash, that would make me bonkers. So anyway, they all wrote out personal checks for a 2 dollar toll.....
The snowbanks are dwindling quite fast the last couple of days, driveway is getting a little soft, at least it is clear of ice now.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March already1

Here we are in March already, I am actually ready for spring, tired of the ice in the driveway. Dont really want to try riding horses when they are slipping and sliding. Hopefully today will melt some ice..

The other day a young man came thru my lane at work with 3 young kids probably ranging in age from 6 months to 4 years in the back seat of his car. He wanted to pay for the next car, because he had been to a funeral the day before and was told to do something unexpected. The next car that came a was a young man serving our country, I told him his toll was paid and why, he was quite surprised and happy. May God bless both of those young men.