Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Linda working on turning a pen, Fred "working on?" plans

old engines and the original

up in the cloud, the observatory, thats how high we were

Tracks, tracks and more tracks, will we ever get there thru the fog and clouds???

Linda at top, water tank to fill train, Linda and Fred riding in train

Scenes from our trip to Mt. Washington Cog Railway

Linda and I took Bud for a driving lesson yesterday with 3 other horses and carts. He behaved very well, the other horses didnt seem to phase him whether they passed us or met us or went faster than us. We then went out to lunch with a couple of the ladies there. Had a good day. I have had enough rain to last me for the rest of the year, but at least I'm not sweating in the sun :)!

Bud taking a break from the show, enjoying his hay

Linda driving Molly with Lori, Linda loving on Bud, Linda competing with Bud at horse show

my friends Loris little boys, Riley and Colin, Peter talking with my farrier Donna

Linda driving Bud with Fred, Linda driving Bud with Debbie

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Linda marching in line for graduation, getting her diploma for graduating from Noble High School.

Saw this street sign, had to get a picture of it. Linda at the beach, taking a picture of herself from truck .

Linda having more fun at the beach, the sunset was more pretty than what the picture shows.

The cowgirl having fun at Moody Beach