Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meet my "Foxy" neighbors!

No pics today but gave Bandit a much needed bath. He was a very good boy. I am so happy I have a horse that likes the vet, good with the farrier, fly spray, hose and walks on the trailer with no problem..Ginger was always good with the farrier and trailer loading, but the vet couldnt get near her. Hose??? she'd pull your arm out of socket to get away.
Also gave Bud a bath, he was good too. Groomed him and found 2 engorged ticks in the dock of his tail, poor thing!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Called out sick to work today, headache, nausea, and back is killing me, I hope my back isnt from riding!!!! I need to ride, ok, so maybe not as long as I was in the saddle Saturday, but I need that therapy....way too stinking hot out there today, brought the horses in around 2 they were sweating, put the fans on them to help cool them down. put them back out around 7, for and hour then the nasty mosquitos come out... still too hot out but what a beautiful moon!

Monday, May 24, 2010

BRING ON THE FALL WEATHER!!!! Way too hot for me. Today at work they were paving next to my booth, with the heat, the fumes from the hot tar/sealant and the noisy machine I ended up with a headache and sick to my stomach! I can feel a migraine coming on, need to pop some advil and find an ice pack..... good night.

Does my butt make his butt look small? All done for the day, yahoo we survived!

Bandit, Fred enjoying the show in the shade, Kristen and Fred relaxing

Random photos of bird and Bandit

Flag race, pick up flag, race around arena, stop at bucket and put flag back in without it falling out. I think we got 6th place.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It was an awesome day, good weather , good friends , good husband, good food and seems to be a good horse! Bandit actually picked up a canter, first time we had done that. It is very smooth! I am looking forward to getting him out on some trails. More pics later....

Running Pairs Pole bending, we got 6th place.

Blue Ribbon Run, had to carry a golf ball down to cone and drop it in hole and then go back. We got 1st place!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Its a new day, my tired farrier made an opening for her to come and fix Bandits front shoe which he loosened I think while being chased by Big Bad Bud... so now he is all set and we are going to a gymkhana tomorrow. It should be fun, it will only be the third time I will have been on him but I'm pretty sure he will be fine. If not.... YEEHAW!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fred taking Bud out of the round pen, we didnt want them in there in case anything did happen, which it did!

going down hill with meet and greet

Not sure exactly what happened but next thing i knew there was squealing and going at it, then Big Bad Bud started chasing Bandit thru the woods into the pasture back into the woods, they must have done at least 4 laps and looked like Bud was trying to bite him. I dont know if it was the right thing or not but i went in and broke it up and haltered bud and then fred haltered bandit. I put Bud back in solitary confinement in separate pasture... We are going to try again on Friday.... I was afraid Bandit would run thru the fence or get hurt in the woods and with the river just out back I didnt want to take that chance of either one of them running wildly into the river. So.... lets hope it goes better Friday. Bandit did have a couple of teeth scrapes on his shoulder where Bud must have connected.. Have a nice day!

First ten minutes of meet and greet went well, thot they were best buddies, then down hill from there....:(

Rode Bandit yesterday, went much better than the first one. We rode out behind the barn and thru the back field, came out behind the house and he wasnt sure what to make of freds shop door being open , he had a little spook but we survived it and continued up the driveway. Asked him to trot, it is a lot quicker transition than what Ginger did but we did okay. Rode him thru the pasture with the barrels and he did fine there. Went back to the barn and he stands perfectly still for me to get off. NOW, if I could get him to stand perfectly still at the mounting block. It probably took me a half hour yesterday to be able to get on him because once you get him to the block and you go to get on, he swings his butt away from you.....bad boy!
He was excellent with the farrier also when she took off his rear shoes.
Today we are going to put Bud in the same pasture with him, will be taking some pictures and posting them later this week. Yeehaw! I hope they get along as well as they do side by side in their stalls....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

worked 8-4 today, it was busy. got up at 5:30 and put horses out, Bandit was full of himself, I bet he did 4 laps at a full run around the pasture. Wish i had the camera with me. Thankfully his first day here he got zapped by the fence so he knows to stay away from it. Mya, Taty, and Jackie came by to see the horses and hang out. I am hoping the more I can work with Bandit I will be able to give them rides on him like I did with Ginger... time will tell. There is a gymkhana at nbarh on saturday, my day off so i may take Bandit to see how he does. should be fun...
Donna my farrier is coming by tomorrow to take his back shoes off so that eventually I can put him and Bud together and if there is any kicking it wont be with shoes on....