Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Monday and what a way to start with the warm sunshine! Its a beautiful day, went out and picked up crabapples out of the pasture so the horses wont get sick by eating them all. Also picked up some pears that were on the other side of pasture, dont want the horses to go thru fence trying to get to them. Gotta work tonight! Have a great day!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saw this at Deerfield fair and thot of my friend Charlene who has more Boyds Bears than anyone I know. I miss her!!!

Saturday... No game in the morning, but they actually went to the game at Gillette stadium to see the Revolution team play. Myself I have never heard of them. Fred dropped Linda off at the school at 3:15, I worked until 10, went and parked at the school waiting for bus until 12:45 am, came home and got up at 5:30 and went to work for 7 am. Sleep is way over rated anyway. She had a good time but was tired. Enough of this rain already!!! Came home from work, cleaned stalls, Linda and Fred are in woodshop working(playing). Now its time to figure out whats for supper. Supposed to be nice weather tomorrow and tuesday. Fred and I are going to Fryeburg fair on Tues for the day then i have to come back to go to work for 4-12, and he has to pick up Linda at practice.

...and she's out! Tough day at the fair.

The cowgirl going down.....

The German cowgirl and the salesman that helped

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Fred and I took Linda to Deerfield fair even tho it was a rainy day we had a good time. Got to eat lots of good fair food and ice cream. Linda and I lost Fred for about 4 hours, we were very tired from walking around trying to find him. We finally found him talking to a friend of ours about tractors. Linda bought a cowgirl hat, she looks real cute in it. When I download the pictures I will post one of her in it. Freds sister and husband also went with us, she brought me some presents for today I turn 51, yahoo!!!
Linda is supposed to have a game tomorrow morning but I'm thinking it will be cancelled with all the rain, then in the afternoon she is supposed to go with the team to Gillette stadium to watch the Revolution soccer team play, dont know if that will happen either. Wait and see I guess.

Linda smiling, keeping her head warm, and going after the ball

Thursday. Fred and I went to Deerfield fair until about 1:00pm then came home and went to So. Portland to watch Linda play soccer, they lost but she had fun and was surprised to see us.

Linda on Bud, Priscilla on Ginger

Bud's having a bad hair day, but the girls are having fun.

Wednesday, didnt feel well in morning, but by after noon was feeling better. I thought I would surprise Linda and meet her at the bus with Ginger. She didnt have any soccer practice and hasnt had much time to ride since starting school. She was surprised. While waiting for the bus I was talking with our neighbor and asked him if his daughter would want a ride on Ginger when she got home from school. He didnt think so because she is afraid of being up high on them. so i said okay. Linda got off the bus all smiles as usual, I took her book bags passed her the helmet and said take her for a ride. She was even more smiles, if that is possible. While she was riding Ginger I decided to ride Bud, just finished saddling him up and the neighbor came with his daughter, she wanted to have a ride. Soooo... I told Linda we had to swap horses, I finished bridling Bud, Linda took him and I put the girl on Ginger. She was a little nervous, but was wanting to trot, laughing all the time on her. She was telling me all about monarch butterflies and school. So, needless to say I didnt get to ride, but it was worth seeing the smiles on the girls faces.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another beautiful day! Gorgeous weather! Got Linda to the bus at 6:25, put the horses out, cleaned stalls, scrubbed water tank and filled it for horses, went to the Cockpit Cafe for breakfast with Fred, went to DMV to renew my license, went to Hostess thrift store--funny bones YUM!!!, went to town hall to register truck, went to garage to pick up freds red truck- break line broke- all fixed, called a friend to go out to lunch tomorrow -- all before 10:00. Whew! Now going to put up some fencing out behind the barn, then time for a ride and lunch then off to work I go because I owe, owe, owe! Have a great day!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Linda even more excited to hear we were going for pizza!

The headless horseman was a little early for Halloween.

Linda excited to find the exit!

Corn Maze

We made it to the corn maze and had fun! Made it out with no problem. We did get lost once.

fred taking an afternoon nap

Well, the ride went well, at first she was nervous, but by the time we were done she was riding with her hands in the air with excitement. She brought apples and carrots for the horses, they loved them.
Spent an hour or so scrubbing water tubs and refilling them, getting too hot out there in the sun.
Now we are getting ready to go to a corn maze in Lee NH. Should be fun. Hope we dont get lost!!
What beautiful weather we are having! I could live with this all year. The horses are loving it, when I put Bud out he is so anxious to be let go, as soon as I take his halter off he does this high pitch squeal and tosses his head and takes off running. He's such a goober!!! Ginger the lady that she is just casually walks off. She's probably thinking what is wrong with him??
Yesterday I rode Ginger, it was so enjoyable, it was my therapy ride. Then I gave a ride to my 4 yr old neighbor, she loved it. I also gave a ride to her and her mom.
Today I am giving a 9 yr old a ride on Ginger, her mom had put an ad in Craigs list looking for a horse to lead her daughter around on. We'll see how things go.
Have a great day!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Please bear with me as I am new to this blogging thing. I love using my horses to put a smile on someones face no matter what the age.

adventures with exchange students

Last year and this year my husband and I have hosted foreign exchange students from South Korea(last year) and Germany(this year). What a joyful and interesting experience it has been. I would recommend it to anyone that has room in their home and heart to share.

Although the girls have different personalities and different interests it has worked out well each time.
Winter will soon be here! Gotta love it!

new adventures

I am new to this blogging thing, so bear with me as I learn. I am interested in horses and I am a chocoholic. I love using my horses to put smiles on peoples faces no matter what the age. I hopefully will learn how to put pictures on here as well.